9 Tips on How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off (Part I)

Learn How to Lose Weight And Build Muscle at the Same Time

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It sounds like an easy question to answer but majority of people do not know how to lose weight and keep it off.

Losing weight is easy but keeping it off is hard.

Everyday, we are being bombarded with misleading ads and articles boasting that the best way to burn fat is to simply DO more cardio or use the whatever gimmick. Add to that the fact that there are so many conflicting stories on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to healthy foods and you can easily find yourself in a dieters’ hell.

Not surprisingly, this can get quite confusing for many people wanting to know how to lose body fat. Life should be simpler and the focus should be on lowering your body fat.

The focus when going on a diet is to lose body fat and to keep it off.

Too many people don’t consider that if they lose the body fat or weight by being on a restrictive diet – one that they can’t physically continue for years to come – it only makes sense that they eventually put the fat back on when they go back to their normal eating habits.

Here are 9 simple ways on how to lose weight and keep it off -

1. FAT LOSS is What You Want, Not Weight Loss

The best advice you will EVER get is to focus on losing fat, not losing weight. If you lose three to five pounds per week, and you know it’s all fat, and not lean tissue, then more power to you!

Stop worshipping the scale and start measuring your body composition.By measuring your body fat, you take the guesswork out of your health and fitness plan — and you get an accurate picture of what’s really happening in your body as a result of your diet and exercise program.

2. On a Diet, Eat More

Don’t ever think, ‘I have to eat less to lose weight’. What you should say to yourself is – “I am going to move more and I am going to eat well”.

    Nutrition is the real key to fat loss.

  • Look at having six healthy mini meals a day.The mini meals should consist of of a mix of protein and fiber rich complex carbohydrates.That is, Eat several small, whole food meals per day.
  • Eat more protein and fiber to give you a feeling of being satisfactorily full, and prevent any cravings.Research shows that an increased intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with fat loss (nutritionists never put a limit on the number of vegetables that people should eat – provided they are not fried or covered in fat or sauces).Other research suggests that replacing carbohydrates with almonds (a source of fiber, protein, and mono-unsaturated fats) leads to greater weight loss. Almonds are a very healthy snack and help curb hunger. A typical serving is 1 ounce of almonds (about 22 pieces) and can replace chips, chocolate bars, and cookies in your diet.
  • Eat 3 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables per day
  • Make sure you are keeping a food journal of whatever you are taking in, and making notes about your energy levels when you eat certain foods
  • If you are overweight, chances are your nutrition is terrible.But if you start to improving your nutrition, you will begin losing at least 1 pound per week (probably 2 or more) simply from the nutritional changes
  • Don’t consume any unnecessary liquid calories (i.e. no soda, alcohol, or sweetened beverages). Drink more water – nutrition experts recommend 3 liters per day
  • Eliminate processed carbohydrates and sugar from your nutrition plan (no soda, cake, chips, white bread, or chocolate bars)
  • If you’re fed up with the body fat and spare tire around your middle, then it’s time to take a structured approach to fat loss.

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